I would like to acknowledge the team at Laser Wizard for their promptness, reliability and service. Our business is a façade company. We recently completed some very detailed Corten Projects for high end buildings. Laser Wizard Cut & Perforated our Corten on these Projects. We were extremely satisfied with the service & quality provided by Laser Wizard and have no hesitation in recommending them.
, Managing Director

A great team and a great work. I really enjoy working with the guys and each time they always go above and beyond. I live in Orange (middle of NSW), even with freight, it is worth doing business with them. Service, attention to detail and competitive pricing gives the 5-stars. They tell me shop local not a chance with the people from Laser Wizard.

An exceptional business providing excellent quality services, advice and value. For both large and small orders, we always receive items on-time, even for even the most demanding delivery schedules. After using their services for many years, Sanctum Locks Pty Ltd highly recommends Laser Wizard as a high quality supplier, focused on the customers specific needs.
| Sanctum Locks Pty Ltd

Highly Recommend! The team at Laser Wizard are lovely to work with. They have excellent customer service, fast turn-around and high quality results. We will continue to use Laser Wizard going forward!

A very professional and reliable manufacturer,state of the art machinery and services.Not to mention the add on services such as folding and welding that I was unware of.I was very happy with the quality and service that they supplied.Would definitely recommend to others as a supplier


We have worked very closely with Laser Wizard over the past 15 years and they have been an integral part of our companies success and growth. Their level of skill and workmanship is outstanding, of...

Chris Murty

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