Fabrication, Assembly & Welding

Clients often prefer to use one company to cut and supply all their profiles, regardless of material, finish, size or quantity.  We have therefore extended our range of services to include:

  • Mig and Tig welding of stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium
    Our experienced tradesmen will weld your components with TIG or MIG as per your specifications. That means no double handling and all work is performed in house, saving you valuable time and money.
  • Spot welding of light metals
    Light sheetmetal components can be quickly welded together on our spot welding machines.  This is an easy and cost effective way to weld two light materials together. This is yet another cost saving operation in our one stop shop.
  • Stud welding
    This is the best process for welding earthing connections or studs to an electrical component. Stud welding is a quick, low heat weld and therefore does not distort the metal surface. This allows painting or coating of the component without noticeable distortion of the surfaces.
  • Drilling, tapping, countersinking and saw cutting
    Laser Wizard's machine shop can perform drilling, tapping, saw cutting and countersinking operations.  Metal saws enable us to cut SHS and RHS and other pipes and tubes to length. Although not a large scale machine shop, we can complete smaller jobs in-house. These additional services will save you time and money.
  • Fast turnaround and same day delivery to Sydney metro
    Our fast set up and automated processes enable us to work 24/7 for a rapid response. Once your fabrication or welding job is complete, we can deliver packages up to 25kg the same day* within the Sydney metropolitan area and priority two hour delivery when required.
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A great team and a great work. I really enjoy working with the guys and each time they always go above and beyond. I live in Orange (middle of NSW), even with freight, it is worth doing business with them. Service, attention to detail and competitive pricing gives the 5-stars. They tell me shop local not a chance with the people from Laser Wizard.

Robert Westinghouse

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