Laser Wizard 'Quality' it's not just a word

'Quality' is a word that is often over-used.  So at Laser Wizard, we thought long and hard before devoting a whole web page to Quality.  After all, isn't it obvious that a laser cutting business that's been around for over 15 years and grown consistently must be providing a quality service?

Probably yes.

But then we decided that the word quality means different things to different people, so we wanted to define what it means to us, and the impact our definition of quality has on you, our clients.

Our aim is always to provide a service that is right first time, every time, whether you need laser cutting, CNC waterjet cutting or any of our additional services. This means components that fit your machine like a glove, accurate signs and artwork, or structural parts that bring your project to completion sooner. This also means lower costs to you because we are thorough and don't have to re-work jobs.

Our certification to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 means that all aspects of our service, from your initial enquiry through to finished product supply, have strict processes attached. This ensures that nothing is left to chance, our communication is excellent and the quality of the final product is exactly as you specified.

Our new real time Enterprise Resource Planning software is part of our continuous quality improvement to our processes and systems. At any point, we know where your job is in the system and the timeline involved. Our QA system allows us full traceability on all work performed at Laser Wizard.

Our employees take pride in a job well done. The detail, the planning, the checking, the double checking, the execution and the deliverythey take ownership of a project and embrace not just the requirements of ISO 9001, but also the ethos behind it.

That is Laser Wizard 'Quality'.


Over the years we have contracted a number of local sheet metal fabricators but none have offered the quality of finish, customer support and attention to detail like Laser Wizard. Quite easily in our top 5 suppliers globally.

Graham Turner

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