Folding & Sheet Metal Bending

At Laser Wizard, we recognised that around a third of our laser cutting jobs required folding, and our customers had to arrange for this next stage of processing. In order to save our customers time and money, Laser Wizard purchased a Safan folding machine for our Sydney factory and began offering sheet metal bending services as an optional extra.

Laser Wizard now has three Safan folding machines in our Sydney factory, capable of bending sheet metal up to 4m long.  In July 2015, we recently added a new 1.2m high speed Safan electric pressbrake (E-Brake) to our machinery range. The advantage for our customers is that the faster we can bend components, the cheaper they become.

Safan E-Brake presses have incredibly short reaction and stop times, making cycle times 30% faster than a conventional brake press. The Safan E-Brake only uses energy when the top beam is actually moving. This can deliver an energy saving of up to 50% compared with a conventional hydraulic press brake. We have received very positive feedback from our customers about our sheet metal bending and folding services and the new E-Brake press will save our customers even more time and money.


Safan E-Brake press | Laser Wizard | Sydney


We have been very happy using Laser Wizard for all our laser cutting and associated fabrication for several years now and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to establish a beneficial long-term working relationship with a top quality supplier.

All staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. Nothing seems too big, too awkward or not worth their time. Turnaround times are quick and they are always willing to help you out of a tight spot when emergencies arise. ...


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