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Laser Wizard has a proud history of continually investing in and providing the additional services that our clients regularly require to complete their respective projects.

A clear example of this business model has been our offering of CNC Waterjet cutting services since 2003, and in line with our normal business philosophy, only investing in and delivering from the latest technology and quality in the market, to provide a premium service to our Customers and industry.

Whilst CNC Waterjet cutting is a service, we have made available to industry for many years, recently this profiling resource has transformed like all advanced manufacturing services via a step change or leap in technology.  On the back of these changes there is undoubtedly an increased capability in CNC Waterjet Cutting services. 

Laser Wizard has immediately identified this opportunity to provide our clients with improved capabilities and subsequently invested in this technology leap CNC Waterjet Bevel Cutting.

This new capability allows Laser Wizard to offer an additional service to the conventional "straight" or "perpendicular" cutting method.  CNC Waterjet Bevel Cutting service now allows Laser Wizard to provide its industry partners with components cut to a true angle of up to ±60 degree with continuous rotation and in thickness up to 200mm.

CNC Waterjet Bevel Cutting | Laser Wizard | Sydney

What does that translate to for you the customer...?

60 Degree Bevel cutting capacity:

  • 1600mm x 3650mm Cutting Area X, Y.

Conventional (straight) cutting capacity:

  • 1900mm x 4000mm Cutting Area X, Y.

Cutting thickness:

  • Up to 200mm.

Utilising a unique, heat-free method of processing material, the Water cutting process consists of a high-pressure water stream (approximately 60,000 PSI) and an additional garnet substrate introduced as a cutting agent.

Through this advanced methodology CNC Waterjet cutting is able to make light work of virtually all exotic materials such as Aluminium, Metals, Marble, Ceramics, Stone, Rubber, Poly, as well as many more.

After researching CNC Waterjet cutting and it's versatile and unique services, Laser Wizard has decided to give this new and improved resource it's deserved place at our advanced manufacturing facility located in Sydney's manufacturing heartland the Western suburbs.

CNC Waterjet Bevel Cutting Machine part | Laser Wizard | Sydney
CNC Waterjet Bevel Cutting Machine part | Laser Wizard | Sydney
CNC Waterjet Bevel Cutting Machine part | Laser Wizard | Sydney

To find out more about this service or many others, please feel free to reach out to any of our friendly staff.
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Laser Wizard has provided our company with high levels of service, high levels of quality and competitive pricing for many years now. There lighting fast turn around times and ability to react quickly, to our changing priorities. Have enabled us limit stock outs during peak sales periods. I am very grateful to laser wizard and look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come.

Matthew James

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