Computer Controlled:

Both the laser and waterjet machines are advanced manufacturing processes that are computer controlled and produce components with inherent accuracy, repeatability and precision.



Laser Wizard Pty Ltd provides competitive prices combined with highly qualified, polite and friendly staff..  Learn more....


Part Development:

A number of levels of software are available for design and processing or orders.  Files in various formats can be accepted, alternatively drawings can be produced and made available for verification and production.  Sigmatek is the central processing software used by LASER WIZARD.  Learn more...


Laser Wizard Pty Ltd:

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About Laser Wizard

Laser Wizard are cutting specialists, providing a practical and affordable service using either a laser or a waterjet cutting machine. Both processes are designed to eliminate, where possible, secondary operations such as shape, slot, hole and notch cutting. Having a choice of processes means we can select the most suitable machines based on the requirements of the part, the application, edge finish, material and quantity.


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  • Laser cutting has distinct time and cost advantages over conventional profile cutting, nibbling and stamping operations. Tooling costs, set up costs and volume penalties are minimized by the use of CNC software.
  • Laser cutting has a low impact on material structure. Edge finish can be varied depending upon the material. Operations such as drilling and slotting can be incorporated into the cutting process, avoiding costly additional work.
  • Once programmed, parts can be recalled from a database and nested at nay time utilising a part nesting program maximising material yields.  Learn more.....



We have invested in a new TRUMPF TCL3050 for state of the art cutting.

Laser Wizard's motto is 'precision cutting on time', not only that but we also aim to give you a competitive quote within 24 hours.

  • Quotations can now be provided over the net. See our Quotations page.

Waterjet Cutting:

Waterjet cutting uses a combination of high pressure water with an abrasive feed directed at the material surface as the cutting medium.


Waterjet cutting has a number of advantages over laser cutting, and is particularly suitable with low melting point and inflammable materials such as aluminium.


Waterjet cutting has applications with stone, granite and composite materials, where the erosion process is not as stressful as conventional methods.  Learn more....