Over the years we have contracted a number of local sheet metal fabricators but none have offered the quality of finish, customer support and attention to detail like Laser Wizard. Quite easil...

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Waterjet Cutting 

Laser Wizard has been using CNC waterjet machines for almost 15 years. Waterjet machines cut without heat, using high pressure water with fine garnet introduced as a cutting agent. CNC waterjet machines are highly versatile, as they will cut almost anything from polystyrene foam to very hard materials like titanium.

Our Techni CNC waterjet machine has a 3m x 1.5m bed, suitable for almost all profile sizes. Our Techni waterjet machine will also cut materials up to 120mm thick, so it is highly adaptable to different thicknesses.

We have extensive experience in CNC waterjet cutting and will happily advise you on materials and specifications.


Reliable same day delivery.

Our fast set up and automated waterjet cutting processes enable us to work 24/7 for a rapid response. Once complete, we can deliver packages up to 25kg the same day* within the Sydney metropolitan area and priority two hour delivery when required.

* If despatched by 10am, otherwise next day delivery

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